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Discover OCTO+, the revolutionary IPTV app designed for iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV.

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Add your movies, our technology instantly identifies them.
Experience cinema differently.



Transform your series viewing experience on iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, and Mac.
Our intuitive interface lets you organize and dive into your favorite universes with ease.


TV Channels

Your custom IPTV with OCTO+.
Add your favorite TV channels and enjoy smooth navigation and quick access. The reinvented TV experience awaits you.


OCTO+ on Apple TV

Your Personal Cinema at Home

Transform your living room with the immersive experience of OCTO+ on Apple TV.

Enjoy impeccable ergonomics, ultra-smooth navigation, and personalized recommendations.

Discover, organize, and fully enjoy your favorite movies and series like never before.

Watch without limits wherever you are

Experience unparalleled viewing.

Extended video format support, language and subtitle options, as well as PIP and Google Cast for flexible viewing.

OCTO+ is your pocket TV.


Never miss a thing

With OCTO+, every detail counts.

Explore detailed pages of movies and series => release date, ratings, category, age requirement, trailers, photos, and more.

Dive into a rich world of information and personalized recommendations. OCTO+, your ultimate guide.

A Personalized, Multilingual, and Versatile Experience

OCTO+ is designed to adapt to your needs, wherever you are.
Available in multiple languages, it allows you to enjoy your app in the language of your choice.
Manage all IPTV formats for maximum flexibility and add multiple IPTV providers for an enhanced experience.



English / French / German
Spanish / Italian / Portuguese


M3U / Xtream / SMB (Coming Soon)


You can provide multiple data sources, the app will group movies and series together


With multi-profile management, each family member can have their own personalized space, ensuring a customized viewing experience for everyone.

It's time to revolutionize your TV experience!

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